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The Road to Phoenix

I got my 1975 2002 from a body shop I used to work at when I was 14. I also got a parts car around the same time, and my Dad and I used it to get my '02 up and running by the time I was 16. I drove it through highschool, and a little bit into college, but the restoration didn't hold up too hot out near the ocean, and she went into storage for a couple of years.

Now I find myself graduated college, working in Graphic Design, and in a few days I will have owned my 2002 for 10 years. Kinda crazy to think about it that way...

These are a few pics of the restoration thus far. Mostly bodywork, but i've been doing a lot of little bits also here and there (replating everything, rebuilding smaller components, etc) Its kind of a pain in the ass to do a restoration while living in an apartment complex, but here's hoping it can be done.

More pics of the interior coming soon. Oh, and the last shot is of my "dining room" when I was rebuilding my wiring harness.