Saturday, December 29, 2007

Aluminium hotness




Monday, December 10, 2007

Once more, with feeling.

I said more pics to follow, and here they are:

Brakes with suspension. Apparently Sesame Street is sponsoring my car, what with the primary colors going on in this shot. The nut there is only at a paltry 200lb-ft currently (all my torque wrench will do) so I'll have to jump on those a bit more once the transmission and engine are in the car.

Subframe showing new plated bits, Urethane, Herculiner, brakelines and rebuilt CV's.

Swaybar endlink pirated from an old dodge minivan (i think.) The hardware originally in my car was some really rusted bolts and seized ball bushings, so I scrapped that and had a friend at a local auto parts store dig through some of their stuff to see if anything matched.

Rear end... These shots speak for themselves.



And some shots of Phoenix, outside for the first time in over a year!

Even though it was a pain to bring it back in, it was worth it. Also, i really needed to clean out all the crap from under there and chisel all the dried POR-15 and Herculiner off the garage floor.

This weekend I re-routed the sunroof drain tubes as well as finished running the new hardlines on the front end of the car, so the girling upgrade is complete (finally.) Also replaced the front studs with longer bolts in order to accomodate the Axis wheels I'll be running in the future.

All the wiring for the roof (antenna, dome light, map lights) is getting wrapped up too, so headliner should be going in soon. Man, I cant wait for that....