Friday, June 29, 2007

MegaSquirt Reciept

Odered today:
1 x GM Closed Element CLT / IAT Sensor with Pigtail (CLTIATwPiggy) = $16.50
1 x MegaSquirt Relay Board - UnAssembled Kit (MSRelay-K) = $64.00
1 x GM Open Element IAT Sensor with Pigtail (IATwPiggy) = $21.00
1 x MegaSquirt Stimulator v2.2 - UnAssembled Kit (MSStim22-K) = $45.00
1 x MegaSquirt-I or II Relay Cable (MSRelayCable) = $70.00
1 x MegaSquirt-II Programmable EFI System PCB3.0 - Kit w/ BLACK CASE (MS230-K_BL) = $253.00
4 x Fuel Injector Pigtails - Bosch (InjPiggy-Bos) = $22.00

& also some 24# injectors and a TPS off eBay

Many thanks to Finkbuilt, Zenon & johnhup for the extensive documentation on their builds. The info provided there was a huge help in deciding what components to purchase.

I cant wait to start soldering this stuff together!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Memorial day weekend

Follow-up to the Memorial Day weekend:

I have gotten a lot more work finished (front brakes, finding out my wheels don't fit....) but here's some shots of things I was working on during memorial day weekend...

I realize its a rattle-can engine bay, but some of the cracks in the paint here (done at the body shop, not by me) were really starting to tick me off. So i sanded out everything in here flat and started over. Most of this is hidden under decals and the like anyways, but at least there's a flat surface to work with now.

So, here are my springs. "JAMEX" brand. Who knows? they fit, and drop the car waaaaay low, so i'm all for it!

Jamex + Billy's = Fresh, VERY stiff struts!

Subframe install...This is how I left things on Memorial day before I went in to work. Its all in and buttoned up (except for the safety wire on the struts) so as soon as I figure out how to get my damn wheels to fit, we'll be ground-ward bound!

Yes, its krinkle red. It actually looks pretty cool with the krinkle black valvecover. I'm undecided whether or not i'll keep this though...

More to come, I just need to take more pictures of all this stuff i'm doing.