Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Crappy pics of more wiring

Been in and out of town recently so I don't have a whole lot finished from when I uploaded last. I've got a bunch of stuff that needs to go out to be plated (and I really want to make sure this my last bunch. I'm really tired of driving up to the place that does this stuff because they're very far out of my way, and expensive)

I've been concentrating on wiring for now. I've got all the EDIS and MSII wires sorted out, so I can hopefully finalize those connections next weekend.

Sorry for the crummy photos, taken with my cell phone because I left my digital at home.

Auxiliary fuseboxes: one is switched power and the other is constant. I'm trying to make all of my add-ons completely separate form the original factory harness so it will be easier to track down any problems in the future. The only interface between the two is the 12v switched purple wire coming off the hazard switch which will be used to trigger the relay for my switched power fuseblock. (Yes, I'm labeling them with a sharpie marker for now. I'll print some nicer vinyl labels later but this should keep me from confusing myself until that happens)

The large 4ga wire here routes from the dist block near the glovebox through one of the former air conditioner lines and to the starter

Distribution block. I used one I pulled from an e30, mounting it in the same location as in Blunt's car. This provides the 2 fuseboxes with power.

I'll be running a single Odyssey battery with a 1-farad capacitor wired in for big surges. This is coupled to an 80A alternator from an e30. I'm using Zenon's mounting location under the rear seat. Eventually the amplifier and capacitor will go here as well.

Believe it or not, I actually know where all of this is supposed to go. I'll post better pics of the EDIS mounts later - I'm using the factory ford brackets as well as the relay bank strip above the brake booster where all the emissions crap was set up originally. Its pretty clean and out of the way up there.

Better pics - and hopefully more progress - to come soon.