Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brakes... AGAIN. ugh.

Took this MC I had in my parts stash. Its not identical to the one shown above, but its close... Oddly, I have no idea where the one in the pics above disappeared to, and I also have no idea where this one came from. Yay for mystery parts!

The line with the large nut on the side feeds the rear brakes, while the 2 lines at the front feed the left and right front calipers.

I removed the un-necessary lines from the car, leaving me with one brake line on the fronts. I needed to move the mounting bracket for the lines forward and re-bend the lines themselves in order to mate with the adapters on the wilwoods.

Only got the driver's side done yesterday, as I was called into the office today. Superb fit; I've got about .5mm between the steering arm and the adapter. Looking forward to getting the other side wrapped up!

The above was written before I knew I would be missing V@V as well as having to work this upcoming weekend. Unfortunately I won't be able to finish up the install on the kit for another 2 weeks. In this economy, people always say that being busy and having a job is good, but that doesn't mean it sucks to miss your vacations and weekends all the same. Oh well.

Unrelated to the brakes, I also did some work wrapping up the interior. The sunroof panel is in, adjusted as much as possible, though I think I need to do some research on getting it flush. It sticks up about 1/8" on the leading edge.

Interior is also nearly finished. Before anyone gets on my case about the belts: I still have the original 3-point lap belt in the car and those will be used for ALL street driving. The 4-points are clip-ins, and will only be used at autoX events. Still some additional wiring that needs to be done on the gauge cluster - low fuel light and tach - but we're 95% done here too.

Lastly, I ditched the kloogy tii-lever-to-325-throttle-cable-and-tons-of-brackets design earlier that resulted in the gas pedal having an on/off feel rather than gradual throttle response. Instead, I installed a Lokar cable and made some new brackets for that. You can see my massively-over-engineered throttle body bracket in this pic here:

If I ever get a freaking day off work, next step is finishing the brakes, bleeding the system, and adding the air intake plumbing. Then I'll be freaking done and FINALLY get to drive it (for real.)

More shiny bits:

Jet-Hot coated header. I think mine is a Stahl, probably vintage mid 80's:

Engine bay - all stickered up and with the torsion bar installed. Glad to have a spare hand on that one - the install was a pain in the ass. Also, don't bother aligning your hood without putting this in first. I had mine pretty well lined up, but once the bar went in, everything got thrown off again.

More to come, including the fun act of registering a car with no title! YAY!