Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October update (boo.)

Been a long time coming... and here it is. Doesn't really look like a lot of work (Do I always say that?) but it really has been.

I've decided to leave the trunk black. I dont think many things are going to go over the POR-15 very well, and I dont feel like roughing it all up for a topcoat. I'm going to be making some custom panels to cover a lot of the area in gray vinyl, so the black will mostly just be the wheel wells. I think it'll look good. I did score a set of side panels to use as templates to make some new ones out of:

I know I say I'll start a lot of projects (wiring diagrams, kick-panel pods... I know I know....) but I'd like to trace these into a PDF for download. Maybe i'll finally get around to all that when I finish my car...

Random stuff first. This is the worst spot of rust in my car. Well, it was. I ended up cutting the entire thing out and POR-15ing over the empty space. After looking a few things up, it doesn't seem like this spot is structural, and it only really served to capture a bunch of dirt and water, then rust. Good riddance.

Here's the floor pan from before, POR-15'ed and scuffed up to await undercoating. I used some of their 2-part epoxy sealant in the seams - the stuff dries like concrete.

Also, took a pressure washer to the 5-speed. Now I dont look like a chimney sweep every time I pick it up. I'm contemplating painting it...

Onto more meaningful stuff. As for the rear subframe, I started off with coating the diff in POR-15 (about 4 coats) The shaft seals are in good enough shape, and I'll probably swap to a limited-slip in a year or two, so I didn't want to go crazy and rebuild this thing. It'll be fine for now.

Speaking of the diff, here's a couple of shots of my bushing rig. Nothing spectacularly new or different from other people's, but a combination of a few ideas. I find that the hose clamp really works wonders to get that first flange into the opening. Also, if you put a washer and nut on both sides of the bushing before you press it in, it forces the bushing to keep its shape around the metal sleeve in the center, making this whole process light years easier. Ask me how I know.

All the rear subframe bits have been blasted and repainted, and I've started assembly. the rear wheel bearing shims are on backorder from Germany, so I'll be waiting on those before the CV axles, stub axles, and hubs can go back in. Also I've got a few parts for the swaybar on backorder from BMP, so thats in limbo too.

Starting out:

End of the day:

The Diff bushing tool also proved useful in pressing in the rear bearings. I just had to invert the PVC cap and find a larger washer for the bearing. I don't like whacking bearings with hammers, and this made the whole process very simple.

Started bending the brakelines I got froma fellow FAQ'er (thanks Alonso!) this is a fun process. Never done it before, but I think its turning out ok.

And lastly, a couple more shots of the undercoating (Before & After)

As soon as my parts come in, hopefully I can put the rear end back under the car... Going to have to read up on how to align everything. Should be fun.