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Long overdue

its been a while since I posted anything. I've been very busy with the rest of things going on in my life, so unfortunately Phoenix has taken a backseat for the past month and a half or so. A trip to China along with a few conventions really took up my schedule, along with a newfound affinity for propmaking. I should really finish one project before starting on others, but alas...

Things I have completed:

Carpet is installed, after sitting around for nearly three years in its boxes. The blue looks great, and I'd really love to put the doorpanels in as well,but they aren't finished yet. Ditto for the center console, but hopefully that will get wrapped up this week. Along with this went the passenger-side seatbelt assembly, but I had to stop there as I can't find any more of the fine-threaded bolts to mount the rest of the belts in with...

Kickpanels are installed (much props to Bill Williams on these pieces) They're a little shallow for the speakers I want to use, so I may have to add some spacers. On that note...

Speakers are wired in, with crossovers mounted. Tweeters have been rewired in the dash and everything there is set to go once I cut the carpet in the kicks for the speakers and mount them up.

Sunroof seals are in and the glue should be dry by now. I should be able to install the rails and cables in next week, and hopefully I won't scratch the ever-loving piss out of the roof like the last time I tried this.

Trim is being polished. I balked at the price of new stuff - $160 a side for quarter window lower trim and nearly twice that for upper door trim. Granted I'll have to come up with some sort of replacement for the felt liner and squeegee on these parts, but I'm betting I can come up with some sort of replacement. So far the polishing is turning out great.

Hopefully this weekend I can get the gas pedal mounted up, bleed the clutch, finish the last piece of carpet, and maybe start on either the quarter window glass / door seals / sunroof. Need to start making progress again!