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Glovebox refurb (busywork)

I'm waiting on a box of more important parts to come in, so in the meantime I've been mostly just doing busywork. Still, its stuff that has to be done before I can consider the car to be "done", but its not really helping me get it on the road anytime soon. I've finished my MSQ file, but some things are still tripping me up a bit... I'll probably post on the main forum about those though.

Busywork 1: Glovebox Refurb.

I think BLUNT did this with his glovebox as well. I seem to recall reading that somewhere... I was working on building my subwoofer box and had a bunch of spare carpet laying around, so I found a can of spray adhesive and decided to make mine look pretty again. I think I coated the inside of it with resin at some point in time, then textured it to make it look... hell, I don't know. It looked like shit:

Some time with tape, scissors, cardboard, and I had a template to work with. After that, just follow the instructions on the can and work the carpet into the corners. Simple, cheap, and nice way to make your glovebox look pretty. I still need to poke some holes in the back of it for the MSII, iPod adapter, and WBO2 ports.

A shot of my subwoofer box. Of course the back is carpeted too, you think I would be dumb enough to forget about covering that and do my glovebox instead....? No, I won't show you the back....

Either due to my piss-poor camera skills or my piss-poor camera, you can't really tell but the back of the box is contoured to fit the rear seat bulkhead. Pointless minutia that nobody will ever notice? Maybe, but it fits so much nicer in there now.

One last pic whoring out the Talbots. Totally worth every hole drilled in the hood.