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I've been kind of delinquent in updating my blog... been too excited recently about actually getting the car out of the garage!

Phoenix left the garage for the first time in 2 and a half years on 2.21.09, and moved under her own power for the first time over 5. There are a lot of kinks to be worked out, and I need to go around the car and make certain that EVERYTHING is tightened/torqued/filled/bled/etc. I've got the MSII idling nicely, but initial throttle response has a bit of lag in it. It was only a first/second gear stroll down the street and back but WHO CARES?! I drove my car today!!!!

The weird ringing noise is coming from the clutch and needs to be sorted out... I'll be working on that later

This is coming after tearing the intake manifold and starter out to fix my flipped fuel lines and starter connections...

Tearing that out was a bit annoying, but my modular intake manifold worked perfectly for removal and refitting! The krinkle red on that thing is very prone to staining, so I'm going to have to be careful taking it off too much.

Since my MSII unit is mounted in my center console, I ran a line from there to the back of my glovebox for tuning. I also added a USB port there for my iPod connect to my Pioneer head unit. There will also be 2 lines in here eventually for my Innovate WB02

Doorpanels turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Got some vapor barrier from Blunt, and using a heat gun made this job so much easier. All the panels are in, and I tossed the rear seat back in just to see how things looked. niiiiiice.

Need some new armrests... these look like crap next to the new panels.

Up next: tuning and other fun stuff!