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Moving into Joe's house

Well, I'm squatting in a friend's Garage, since I live in an apartment complex, and dont have the space for all this idiocy at my place anymore. On the plus side, my third bedroom is now wonderfully empty. On the minus side, that probably means I need to put some furniture in there...

Kind of annoying, since I moved all my tools over to my friend's place also. I needed a screwdriver yesterday, then remembered all my toolboxes are 30 miles away... this is going to take some getting used to.

The Basement garage (Note the evil Rusty Pole of Death next to my door - thats getting wrapped in foam ASAP)

My car, best friend, girlfriend, and his Dog in the basement. The puppy (hes about 15 weeks old) walked over to my Recaros and made like he was going to use them as a chew-toy. I haven't moved that fast in a long time.

The aformentioned Chew-toys. I think I told TMK I was going to post a few shots of these. I have rears to match, and doorpanels in the works.

Parts, Parts, Parts! (Shelving by IKEA - CHEAP! I highly reccomend it)

3.0-style mounting on C-pillar. I've always loved how this looks:




Keep in mind, with the exception of door handles, and turn signal trim, all the brightwork on the car has been blacked out. I also have a pair of satin black Talbot mirrors that will be hood-mounted in the future.