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A lot of time off this week led me to getting a lot of work done on the car. Not everything is pictured here, but some updates to show nonetheless. I'll be back at it tomorrow, hopefully getting the subframe apart, and finishing up some of the rust repair on the driver's side frame rail. Nothing bad there right now, but surface scale i'd like to get rid of now that i can get to it.

Yanked the subframe out of the car, all by myself Ma! Man, that was a fun one-person job. I suggest you have a little help, and 2 floor jacks if possible. None of the bolts were siezed, and there is very little rust on the whole assembly. Overall, I'm pretty pleased.

Another shot of the subframe. I need to scrape the 19 coats of black paint off the steering box...

Score! 23.5mm swaybar (i'm pretty sure the last .5mm is paint)

Current Projects: Gastank, Pedalbox, Subframe, Brake booster... this is what happens when you say to yourself "...while i'm at it..."

Door before new internals

Door after new internals

New plated parts for door internals, waiting for installation...

Someone made a post a little while ago about getting new hardware for their car... I found this box of grade 8 hardware, Zinc plated, at Pep Boys. $19.99 for the box. This is a damn good deal for what you get.

More coming soon...