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Engine back in, other small things too...

So, I do have shots of the engine going back in with the 5-speed transmission, but they're not on this computer (or my camera for that matter) so those are going to have to wait.

No matter, plenty of shots of other random junk:

Apparently when I get frustrated with things, I paint valvecovers. crawling under the car repeatedly and going out to purchase random little missing bushings and washers for my 5-speed install got me a little annoyed, so I did this:

My girlfriend says its too much red, and that it kind of overpowers the engine bay. Another friend of mine (who, oddly, drives a Nissan 300zx) says it might be too "Rice." Meh, changing then only takes like 5 minutes anyways. If I had the correct fuel pump, I could bolt up a header and crank it, but I pulled the pump out of a 325i instead of a 318, so I need to make another junkyard trip first.

A few more pics of my throttle cable set-up here. Like I said in the earlier posts, I used a tii throttle bracket with a few new holes drilled in. I also removed the spring on it, since the gas pedal and throttle body already both have return springs on them. With the tii one in place, the whole mess got really difficult to articulate.

Parts used were:
- e30 325i throttle cable
- 2002ii throttle bracket
- 2002 pedal linkage
- Custom brackets (see earlier post)
- Generic flanged bushing from O'Reiley (meant for power window regulators)

Got the MM 5-speed kit all bolted in. Fits really snug, but I didn't pound out enough of the trans tunnel for the slave cylinder, so I need to open that area up a little more still. The transmission shifts into all the gears smoothly, but I won't know if this thing is lunched or not until I start the car.

Worked a bit on making some new foglight mounts. Originally I drilled holes in the radiator support and hung the lights upside-down form there. This really isn't optimal though, since the metal there is flimsy and they bounce all over the damn place at speed. I came up with this solution:

This way, the lights mount to the holes where the plates used to bolt up for depressing the square rubber tubes surrounding the bumper shocks (square-light guys know what I mean.) Obviously, I'm not running bumpers so this works out pretty well. I'm pretty sure you could do this even with the bumper shocks in place but most people would just use the bumper in that instance. Oh, this mounting method is also very rigid.

Mounted up, they look nice. Tight fit, but enough to allow a fair bit of adjustment:

I've got a 320i radiator (I think) I'm using for the car. Its got brass tanks and fins, and was in the car when I got it forever ago. I had thoughts of purchasing a brand-new one from Ireland, but loooong ago when I first got Phoenix back on the road, my grandfather brazed a couple small leaks closed in this radiator. This had to be around 1999 or 2000, and he has since passed away. Being a machinist his whole life, I'd really have liked for him to see my completed car, but its nice knowing I have a bit of his handiwork in my car still.

Some before shots, with a few bent fins:

After stripping, and straightening the bends:

Measuring for some adapter brackets (I think I used aluminum box stock before, but I'd like something a little more elegant this time 'round):

Also, I scored a set of these:

NOS 1960's satin-black Talbots, straight from Germany. hotness.

More work and pics coming from this weekend, and maybe I'll get my engine install shots too. I'm hoping to get the car up on stands and finish up anchoring the fuel lines, putting the driveshaft in, bleeding the brake system, and checking the torque on all the suspension bolts. Fun times.

Do you have more images of those mounting brakets? I'm trying to mount a light set-up behind the grill, and want to see how you did them. Phoenix looks fantastic, I just spent a while trolling around the blog

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hella, cool

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