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Dumpster Diving!

I have been working on the car, as much as my recent work schedule allows (which, to be honest, isn't terribly much) But I have tried to document it as best as possible. The past two months have seen:

- final repairs to any and all floorboard rust holes in the cabin (theres still a small one to be addressed near the gas tank area)
- 95% of soundproofing finished in cabin area
- refinishing of wheel wells
- sandblasting & replating of nearly every single washer, nut and bolt that I could possibly take off the car (these will be picked up this week)
- Refinishing of underside of car
- a rather successful trip to the junkyard...

Can anyone give me a good reason to put these back on? Most restorations I see don't have them, and I've heard rumours that these are asbestos-filled. I'm planning on leaving them out, unless they're a necessary heat shield. Thoughts?

More of the subcomponents are coming together. Its going to be fun when I can FINALLY bolt all this stuff back in

The problem with Krinkle paint is that, once you get the hang of it, you start looking for all other kinds of things that "need" to be textured.

My driving lights are actually situated behind the grilles, but I thought this looked cool, and the plastic was faded and oversprayed anyways.

Maybe i'll go with the Red one. I have a W&N Strut Brace, and with all the red suspension components, it may look good together. I just dont want it to look too "rice"

Cue Red Suspension components. My anti-sway bars were actually a metallic gold when I got to them. That, and the rust, needed to go. Please ignore the pink bike and the dirty matress. Neither of those are mine...

Soundproofing about 95% done. Just some small spots and bubbles to check for. Sorry for the crappy pic, the flash is dead on my digital camera.

Wheel Wells were wire-wheeled down on all loose and rusty spots, shot with zinc primer, and treated to a coating of Herculiner. If this doesnt guard against rock chips and rusting, nothing will.

I scored a 5-speed transmission off a 320i (I'm 99% sure this is the right one, can a Getrag Guru look at these pics and tell me I'm correct on that??) with 150k on the clock. Spins very nicely, no grinding, and no chips or metal shavings in the fluid, so I'm pretty confident in my $42 transmission.

I also got a rebuilt starter that was sitting on a 320is with a giant hole in cylinder #3. Haven't tested it yet, but its the smaller M3 variant, and it cost me $12.

Lastly, I yanked the EFI manifold from the very same 320, for a Megasquirt project I may or may not do in the near future. My plans right now are to get the car running with EDIS and a 38/38, then upgrade to Megasquirt after I'm familiar with everything and have all the kinks worked out.

Did I mention I'm running out of places to put all this crap?!