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Weekend accomplishments (from last weekend)

TOUCHDOWN! She hit the ground! for the first time in more months than I really care to recall, Phoenix has all 4 tires firmly grounded. This was a HUGE moment for me, even though most people I tried explaining it to gave me funny looks. Don't mind the bottlecaps, they're just placeholders for now...

Victory is short-lived however. Now that the front is re-sexified, time to do the same business in the rear. Remember kids, a Leaky diff means real-time rust prevention!

Step One - Know your Enemy:

Step 2: completley forget about the parking brake cables, and whack at the subframe mounts with a hammer. Curse a lot.

Step 3: Success!

Step 4: take out agression on CV bolts and other siezed componentry.

Dont know whether I'm going to try to track down a nice LSD or not... I gotta see if my (nonexistent) budget can handle it by the time all this stuff goes back together. Mine, though gross looking, is in decent shape.

I totally ripped-off BLUNT's wiring-wrap. Sorry man, but this stuff just looks too nice to keep all to yourself! The fumes can get a little annoying though, when you're melting the ends together so it doesn't fray. Once the MSII wiring goes in, i'll bundle this all up.

Lastly, I picked up this oil cooler from a friend for pretty cheap. Trying to figure out where to mount it. The oil filter housing looks to have an internal thermostat on it. Does anyone have any experience with one of these?

Oil cooler cleaned up really nice with some paint stripper and a wire brush

More to come soon...