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Headliner install (the reason why I've gone insane)

Holy piss, I never want to do another one of these for a looooooong time. My fingers hurt from all the damn clips... I think i used over 600 of them.

Total time start-to-finish was about 16 hours. I used Wurth Spray headliner adhesive, which explains the tape (to protect overspray)

Pix: The intro, it all looks so simple when you're just hanging the silly thing on the bars for the first time

I started in the back, got everything hung loosely, then just kept tightening up the slack around each side as I went along. I think this is key to getting all those pesky wrinkles out. My friend Joe is also in these shots; his house is where I work on my car, and I cant thank him enough for putting up with me squatting in his basement for the past year and a half. Thanks dude, I owe you HUGE!

Then we started glue-ing:

Move from the top of the back window, down the back of the C-pillars, to the front of the pillars, then up top to the B-pillars...

After that, we tightened up the front and pulled things as taught as possible to avoid any wrinkling:

Feathered corners (thanks to C.D. on the FAQ for that video on YouTube! it was a HUGE help.)

The end of day 1 wrapped up everything but the pillar trim and sunroof. Only one *tiny* wrinkle around the driver's C-pillar, which will be directly behind my head so i'll never see it!

I'll voulenteer to shove forks in my eyes before I do another sunroof again. This was an exercise in frustration...

B-pillar and A-pillar trim goes in....

And now she sits and dries for a week...

I'll never do this again.... but I'm glad it turned out as well as it did.

since you're never gonna do another headliner... i'll give you $10.00 for all those old, used paper clips....


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