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August Recap (sorta)

Pictures to go with my previous post:

Gastank refurb is complete! I think I spent about $100 altogether on paint, POR-15, and about a week's worth of time for painting, curing, etc. Hopefully it will hold up for another 35 years! Don't have any before shots handy.... but its a HUGE step in the right direction.

Fooling around with making my own gauge cluster, since I can't find one I like. This is (obviously) just a mock-up of what I could do in MDF and fiberglass... 4 might be too much.

Spots that are getting the POR treatment: This is the one that i had submerged in silicone...

And this is the spare well (duh) with the fiberglass patches... Looks worse than it actually is, but its still pretty bad.

Started rebuilding the brake MC. Any tips on cleaning out the barrel? there isn't any rust to speak of, but it couldn't hurt to polish out the innards out a bit.

And the obligatory old vs. rebuilt CV axle shot: