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in case you're wondering

I've had a few people ask me how long the wire-wheeling took me to do to the trunk.

I'd guess start-to finish (this includes chipping out the fiberglass out of the wheel well) was around 10-12 hours total. I lost a lot of time initially because I was using a standard wire wheel on a drill motor for some of the work. When I got that corded brush for the angle grinder, things started to pick up rapidly.

Its pretty tiring too. Keeping a death grip on the grinder to make sure it doesn't go shooting off in any direction it damn well wanted to go while being folded up inside the trunk took a lot out of me. Slept pretty well those nights.

This is nothing compared to some of the MkI guys over at the Vortex forums and the level of detail they put into their engine bays. I got the corded brush idea from them, and definitely recommend it to anyone that needs to do this level of paint removal.

I'm only going this far on certain spots under the car - in and around the floorpan patches (Which, honestly, make up at least 50% of the floor at this point) A large part of the rear of the car will be getting this treatment, just because of all the water it retains from day-to-day driving. The front end of the car wasn't nearly as bad.