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New for 2008!

A few smallish updates from my crappy weekend. Saturday was ok, but cut short due to work, as was Sunday. At one point I was working on the hood latch bar and found out i had it mounted in "backwards" (that is, the spring was loading the bar the wrong way.) When I removed it, the spring dug a huge gouge in the paint of the rain tray, so now I need to sand that down and repaint it. I also broke the little wheel that the cable bolts to, and frayed the hell out of the cable too. OH! AND I also scratched the bloody hell out of the bar itself.

Because of all that, I've decided to send the bar off to be plated, as it bumps around too much during install for me to rely on it not getting the paint scratched off. I found the orientation of the hood latch bar a little difficult to track down (eventually got the answer on Bill William's Touring re-assembly blog) so I'll be documenting my re-install when the time comes rather thoroughly.

Anyhow, pictures... sorry for the crap quality, taken with my phne because I forgot my digital:

Axis OG-San 15" x 7", 35mm offset (there's a 1/2" spacer on it now, but I'll be running 3/8" now that the correct ones have come in from Ireland) Kuhmo Ecsta 195-50-15.

Started putting a few of the seals in:

Fabbed up a new dome light panel and some new wiring. Also tossed the roof foam back in... mine is in pretty decent shape for being 30+ years old.

And, finally, finished up the rear sunroof drain tubes. They terminate into a heater valve I got from pep boys that has been cut in half and epoxy-ed into the hole in the wheel well.

If I don't get the pulley in by Friday, the next step will be to do the headliner and start putting in the seals on the doors and windows. Hell, I may even put in the quarter glass soon if i'm feeling ambitious...