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Copper wrapped in plastic


Man, I've been putting this off for a while, but since the engine is in the car and I can lay everything out, I really don't have any excuse anymore. While I'm at it, I'm adding in 2 extra fuseboxes: one for constant power and one for Ignition switched, because I'll be adding a lot and want to leave the factory harness more or less intact. These will control the radio, alarm, radar detector, foglights, aux fan, aux Gauge panel, and MegaSquirt. If I want to add anything in the future, it will be easy to add onto with these under the glovebox.

Relay Board for MS Under the glovebox, the fuse panels will go to the right of this.

Engine wiring, all this has to end up somewhere...

All the unwrapped wires coming through the firewall are new. They all fit through one new grommet, which is good because it fit a pre-existing hole that I had drilled at some time or another. I still need to route the battery cable through, but that can come later (and probably on the passenger side - its getting kind of crowded over here...) You can see red ends on all the leads here - I wrote the associated number of the plugs on these from the wiring schematic on the wall when I rebuilt the harness. This makes life much easier as I can just look at a plug, read the number, then look at the wall. No more tracing wires.

And a quick picture of my aux wiring schematic, as drawn on the side of a really big box with sharpie marker. I'm pretty low-tech.

More to come... cant wait to figure out where all this mess goes.