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Intake Manifold

This is something I always wanted to see more of when I was doing research for my intake manifold, so I figured I'd share as many photographs as possible for anyone that might be undergoing a similar modification.

Tom over at www.02again.com sent me one of his new throttle position sensor plates. To really get a good idea of how nice these parts are, I'll show it to you positioned next to my rather humble piece of handiwork.

And mounted on the throttle body. Too bad nobody will ever see it down there...

The plugs I posted before look like this close up:

The green and gray rubber gaskets keep dirt and moisture out of the plugs, so I've decided to use them for all the underhood connections. There is a special GM crimper tool you can get for these, but I decided to solder the ends on, because I'm paranoid.

This is a shot of the back underside of the intake manifold on the engine, right before the firewall. There are 2 4-pin plugs and 2 3-pin plugs with male and female connectors reversed so there's no way to screw it up and plug the wrong harness up. I need to make it idiot proof if its ever gonna work for me.

The following are a few shots of the plumbing for my IAC valve. My throttle body came from a 325i, but seems to be reversed from the ones I've seen on other installs. On Finkbuilt's Blog, for example, there is an air line on the side of the throttle body that faces inwards toward the intake manifold, but that line is on the opposite side on my TB. That made routing the lines for the IAC a little tricky, as well as where to mount the valve in the first place.

The valve is held on to this aluminum bracket with a hose clamp and a rubber fitting that came around it when I pulled it from an audi in the junkyard.

The air lines route to the outside of the throttle body and into the air line (before the throttle butterfly) I mentioned earlier. There's a 90 degree elbow I got at an auto parts store off of one of the racks with all those "Help" parts on it.

The plumbing routes into the manifold through the factory air inlet. I've blocked the injector hole with some JB weld and a bolt with a few washers.

This whole set-up is really rigid, and all of the lines and wired are well hidden under the manifold. One caution - if you do rotate the air inlet line on the top of the manifold like I've done above, it will block off one of the 1/8" air lines that the MAP sensor and FPR get vacuum from. I just ran a T off the non-blocked line and capped off the blocked one.

Lastly, I used the stock air bung on the intake elbow to mount the IAT sensor, since its orientation didn't really help in plumbing the IAC valve.

Oh, and I mounted the washer bottle and siren too. yippee.

Next up, shots of the new door panel fabrication / center console recovering.... Oh, and 5-speed install.