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Engine in its home

I should be more excited about this, but after my incident with the sunvisor screws, I find a lot of things about the project more and more frustrating. Short version is that I used screws that were about 1/8" too long for putting in my sunvisors, and they dimpled the roof. Idiot mistake, and really took the wind out of my sails.

Regardless, the engine still went in this weekend. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

A couple of shots of the www.02again.com pulley shim w/ trigger wheel:

Removing some of the clips to put the welting on (I used the same stuff from McMaster-Carr that Bill Williams showed in Pikachu 2)

Testing the best way to cut out the dome light hole in the headliner on some scrap and a spare dome light assembly (when I first did my car, i had a spare, so I put two in. It had to be the worst wiring you'd ever seen... They would only work if the switches for both were in opposite positions...)

All of that was done while it was ASS FREEZING COLD outside. I realize some of you guys will laugh at this picture, but down in Atlanta, this is groundbreaking stuff. Thank god I bought a space heater, I think it was like 18 degrees in the garage before I turned it on...