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YouTube clip

The previously-mentioned YouTube video regarding headliner install:

In it, they're talking about the completion of the 2002tii that Mobile Tradition made in 2006. They show a few good shots of the assembly, but I wasn't able to follow the example exactly. For one, I used spray-glue as the industrial brush-on wasn't an option for me to acquire. I think the fact that they used a specific glue made for stretch-vinyl headliners contributed to the fact that there are no clips shown...

Once I yank all of these clips off, I'll offer the box to anyone who wants to do this to their own car. I don't see myself doing this again for a long while.

The sunroof headliners are different from non-sunroof ones. In a sunroof car, there are 2 ribs toward the back of the car and the entire rest of the headliner is held up by the seams around the windows and sunroof. In a non-sunroof car, there are 5 ribs spanning the length of the headliner and they support it over your head. Pic below is a non-sunroof headliner (powelli's car) in it, you can see the seams around the ribs toward the front where a sunroof car would have none:

I went with one of the Ebay headliners from goliners.com. It was a very nice quality, but there were some very slight alignment issues. Most notably, the material did not like to turn the corner around the sunroof, which is why that particular part was so frustrating for me. For the price, you can't beat it though. You just have to use a little heat on the corners around the sunroof and you're set!

I'm exaggerating about the frustration, really. The first part (before sunroof) was cake and actually a pretty good time. It was only once I had to start wrestling with the material around the corners of the sunroof that I really started getting pissed. All in all, it turned out well I think. I'll be putting in the sunroof and engine in coming weeks, so I hope my newfound progress and good fortune continues.